Planning and Management Services

Our comprehensive planning and management services can be tailored to your needs and to the size and scope of your conference.

  • Develop a timeline and budget for your conference.
  • Coordinate with key stakeholders, exhibitors and vendors.
  • Assist with conference marketing and communications.
  • Arrange for lodging.
  • Recommend venues.
  • Take care of all logistics and technical needs.
  • Plan social events, side trips and fun things to do.
  • Arrange local transportation.
  • Manage financial transactions on your behalf, including payment for all goods and services.
  • Work with our catering partners on all food and beverage services.
  • Provide registration and on-site hosting.

Conference Development

If you have the ideas, we can help you turn them into a conference with engaging programs that meet your objectives. We use a tried and true process to do this.

  • Identify clear goals for the execution of your conference program.
  • Choose venues that support your objectives for each program.
  • Assist in securing speakers and key participants.
  • Manage the submission process for papers or proposals.
  • Prepare and proofread conference materials.
  • Coordinate the timely production of program materials.
  • Plan tours and excursions for conference participants.