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Grand venues await.

Presidents, poets, legends and leaders have stood at our podiums, on our fields and in our lecture halls. Bring your conference to Michigan. And join the leaders and best.

Catering to your needs.

From the very first appetizer to the last sweet morsel, our catering services are, quite simply, exquisite.

Guest accommodations.

Nothing could be easier than housing your attendees in our world-class residential halls. These comfortable, state-of-the-art living-learning facilities will make your guests feel right at home. Or ask about our on-campus hotel!

Conference planning and management.

Seamless support. Confident service. Professional staff. It’s what we deliver. Every day.

Comprehensive registration services.

Imagine. A registration website, customized for your conference—with easy registration for your guests and on-demand financial tracking for you. Not to mention professional, onsite registration staff.

Your kind of town.

Ann Arbor is a special place, with a unique vibe and a main street made for exploring. Find out why your guests will love Ann Arbor.