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Standard Selections

We are happy to supply poster boards for your presentation or exhibit. You can use thumbtacks to hang light-weight posters, photos or documents (thumbtacks are not provided). Use poster boards at your event to:

  • Present research information
  • Display presentation material for your team
  • Share enlarged photos or photo displays
  • Add an interesting graphic as an attention-grabbing backdrop
  • Create a high-impact wall of memories, accomplishments or goals

Poster Board Specifications

Our self-standing poster boards are four feet wide by three feet high (landscape). One side is covered in grey fabric and the other side is covered in black fabric. There are six boards (twelve sides) and seven poles per case. We have ten cases available.


Using the poster board rates below, the total cost for a one-day rental is calculated by adding the cost per day to the one-time delivery cost. For any additional days, guests will be charged the cost per day fee. Delivery includes set up.

Rental Duration

The day the poster boards are delivered is considered day one. Poster boards can be picked up or delivered at any time, as long as the building is open and the room is accessible. Please note: full day rentals are not based on a 24-hour period—please contact our team for more details.

Making Changes & Cancellation

All deliveries are communicated to the delivery team one week before the event date.

  • If changes are made within seven calendar days of the event date, additional fees may apply.
  • If the poster board rental is canceled within seven calendar days of the delivery date, a flat rate of $60 will be charged.


A standard poster board setup consists of six boards and seven poles positioned in a continuous run (see below). Depending on availability, and for an additional fee, other setups may be created. Boards can only be set up in a landscape format. To prevent the equipment from being damaged and to ensure our guests’ safety, once poster boards are assembled and placed by the delivery team they may not be moved.

Poster Boards Rates

No. of Cases Cost Per Day One Time Delivery Cost Total Cost for First Day Additional Cost Per Day
1 $120 $180 $300 $120
2 $240 $320 $560 $240
3 $360 $420 $780 $360
4 $480 $520 $1,000 $480
5 $600 $600 $1,200 $600
6 $720 $720 $1,610 $840
7 $840 $770 $1,610 $840
8 $960 $880 $1,840 $960
9 $1,080 $900 $1,980 $1,080
10 $1,200 $900 $2,100 $1,200

*pricing is for continuous run of boards. If boards are desired to be displayed individually, additional charges may apply. Please consult our office for more information.

Posterboard request
Please fill out this form and one of our event coordinators will get back to you shortly.