Celebration Event Services

Whether you are celebrating a wedding or special event, help with logistics makes planning so much easier. Our impeccably organized staff offers support with menu design, vendor services, billing details and more. We partner with you to ensure a celebration filled with joy!

Our Celebration Event Services Fee of $650 applies to wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs.


  • Participate in or conduct venue (League, Pierpont & Union) tours & appointments with event manager
  • Coordinate & order standard  in-house linens
  • Coordinate specialty linens & chairs (with additional contracting fee of 20%)
  • Discuss table inventory & table rental
  • Design custom event layout diagram
  • Arrange in-house AV rental
  • Reserve rehearsal room, ready rooms, green rooms & ceremonial rooms (with additional room booking fee)
    • Ready room not included, pay standard pricing
    • Rehearsal rooms included
      • Non premium rooms
      • Can book no earlier than 30 days prior to event
  • Refer to Inn at the League for hotel rooms
  • Finalize Wedding Worksheet
    • All event details required to be provided to internal partners no less than six (6) business days prior to the event date by 12pm EST
  • Facilitate final event details meeting:
    • Parking
    • Event Timeline review
    • Guest counts
    • Directions/Maps
    • Diagrams
    • Menu, Meal designations, Dietary Restrictions
    • Vendor Confirmations (drop off, pick up confirmations)
    • Drop-off items to be stored in building annex
    • Finalized Seating Chart


  • Plan & organize all catering details with appropriate teams
  • Collaborate with chefs to create specialty menus or dietary restricted meals
  • Facilitate internal meeting with Catering Manager as needed
  • Arrange opportunity to attend tasting showcase or private tasting
  • Coordinate with catering manager for specialty cocktails, custom alcohol brands and orders
  • Arrange ready room food & beverages options (with additional room booking fee)


  • Share & recommend couples to Preferred Vendors
    • Connect with vendors re: load-in/out, facilities questions etc.
      • load-in/out, facilities questions etc.
      • Verify counts for linens/rental chairs (when client orders)
    • Verify counts for linens/rental chairs (when client orders)
  • Coordinate with Valet Services (as applicable)
  • Coordinate with UM Parking Services
    • Send out finalized guest list
  • Schedule & secure Parking Attendant


    Outside Vendors:

  • All vendor equipment must be removed from the venue within 1 hour for a standard event and 1.5 hour for a Celebration Fee client of the event end time
  • Additional room charge will be rounded to the half hour for any time outside of the specific vendor strike time
  • The client will be responsible for this charge

Wedding Cake Storage:

  • Cakes need to be picked up within 48 hours of the event. 
  • Any items related to the wedding cake not picked up within this time frame will be discarded

Complimentary day of set up:

  • Catering can set chargers and one other small item only- both must be dropped off minimum 1 day prior to event  (no escort cards can be set by Catering)
    • Any drop offs after the minimum time risk not being set

Linen Orders:

  • Linens not included in Celebration Fee
    • Only wedding packages include floor length house linens