Last updated August 14, 2018

Bar Service

University Unions offers full bar service. Please note that no alcohol may be brought in or removed from University Unions facilities. Please refer to our catering menu for bar and wine menu offerings. We will make every effort to procure specialty wines and liquors but minimums may apply.

We offer host bars, cash bars, or a combination (4 hours maximum duration). We also offer wine service with dinner (2 hours maximum duration). If you combine a host and cash bar; the bar set up fees will revert to the cash bar pricing. All alcohol service must end one hour prior to the end of your event. The latest a bar may remain open is 12:00 Midnight.

All alcoholic beverage charges on your confirmation are estimates only; actual amounts will be tallied after your event and your bill will be adjusted to reflect consumption.

Proper picture identification is required for anyone (including the entire wedding party) who receives alcohol service at a University Unions facility.


No candles of any kind are permissible in the Michigan League or Michigan Union. The alternative to candles is LED votives, pillars or tealights.

No adhesives, glitter, sand weights, confetti, confetti cannons, rice, dance wax, powder or similar materials is permitted. Excessive use of flower petals is also not permitted. Please discuss with your coordinator if you have questions.

China and Silverware

We provide china, stemware and flatware for your event at no additional charge. Samples are available in our office. Silver-plated and gold-plated flatware, white china, ivory china with a gold band and gold and silver chargers are also available as rental items.

Celebration Event Services

Our Celebration Event Services Fee applies to wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs.

Final Count and Payment

Your final count is due one week prior to the event. Generally the week before your event on Friday is the time when you will give your final count. We will make all attempts to accommodate any changes made beyond these dates; however such changes may result in late fees.

Payment of the balance of the anticipated charges will be expected two weeks prior to your event, with the exception of University Departments who will be billed on their short code. Payment is based on the final count and includes 100% of the estimated balance (food, beverage, equipment rental, room rental, tax and gratuity, as they apply). After the event, adjustments will be made for your actual alcoholic beverage consumption as well as any additional meals or charges that may occur at the event.

The most efficient method of payment is by credit card. MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are all honored. After the event either your card will be credited with any amount owed you or you will be charged for the balance.

Gratuity and Tax

An 18% gratuity and 6% tax are added to all food and beverage charges.

Insurance Requirements

Events must provide to the University a certificate of insurance evidencing general liability insurance ($1 million per occurrence/$2 million annual aggregate) and naming the Regents of the University of Michigan as additional insured. Renters must give the University thirty days prior written notice of any reduction in limits or cancellation of insurance.

Parking and Valet Service

Michigan League

Parking is available at the Fletcher Street Parking Structure after 4:30 PM Monday-Friday and all day Saturday. All Fletcher Street Structure parking arrangements must be made with your event coordinator at least two weeks in advance. Events Monday through Saturday will always require a parking attendant.

Michigan Union

Parking will be available at the Thompson Parking Structure. After 6pm Monday – Saturday and all day on Sundays your guests can park for free unless Parking Services is staffing an attendant for another special event. Events starting before 6pm Monday through Saturday will require a parking attendant.

The parking attendant fee is a $50.00 flat rate for maximum of 4 hours and $10.50 per additional hours. The cost per car is $5.00 for a half day and $10.00 for a full day. If you require a parking attendant please be prepared to supply an alphabetized guest list. You may choose to have the per car charge for your guests’ parking added to your bill or paid by your guests directly. If guests pay directly, it is CASH ONLY. In either case there is a charge for the attendant which will be billed on the confirmation. *Parking arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance.

University Unions does not offer valet service. All details for valet service are set up between you and the company you wish to hire. An Ann Arbor based valet company is Kerby’s Kurb Service. Please feel free to personally contact Bill Kerby at 734-368-2608.

Place Cards, Multiple Entrée Selections, Children’s Meals

Place cards should be delivered in alphabetical order and should contain the guest’s name, table number and their menu choice, if applicable. If you are offering a choice of entrées to your guests you will need to code your place cards (Ex. B for Beef, C for Chicken, F for Fish, K for Kid’s Meal, Vegan for Vegan and V for Vegetarian). We will also need a list of the meal selection by table (Ex. Table #1 – 2 Chicken, 5 Beef and 1 Vegetarian). This allows our staff to service your guests without interruption.

Multiple entrée selections are available at a fee of $1.00 per person, and there are no multiple entrée selection fees for having a vegetarian choice or children’s meals available, so long as the number does not exceed 5% of your total count. Please prepare your response cards with the appropriate choices including a space for the guest’s name.

Children’s meals are available. The most popular selection is Chicken Fingers and French Fries; other options are available. All children will be served the same meal. Please indicate the children’s meals on the place cards.

Preferred Vendors

We will be happy to provide you with a list of suggested service providers from cake designers to valet. Please feel free to contact them directly or request that we handle those arrangements for you. These service providers are familiar with our facility.


Your event will be posted on our digital display located on the first floor in each building.


Both the Michigan League and Michigan Union have a limited number of café and bistro tables that are available for hors d’oeuvres receptions. We also have a limited number of high chairs and boosters. Please include them as needed on your diagram. We are happy to provide table numbers and stands upon request.

Michigan League

Five foot diameter round tables are available to seat 6-8 guests. We have a limited number of six foot diameter round tables that accommodate 9-10 guests.

Michigan Union

Six foot diameter round tables are available to seat up to 10 guests.

Table Linens

There is no charge for our standard white 90″ square tablecloths and white napkins when a full meal has been purchased. Please note our tablecloths for the dinner tables are not round nor are they floor length. Our rectangular or square banquet cloths with white skirting are also provided for gift, cake and place card tables at no charge. A variety of napkin colors are also available; additional charges apply. Full-length white tablecloths, colored or patterned linen tablecloths, specialty napkins, overlays with liners, chair covers with sashes and Chiavari chairs are all available at various rental prices. We have several linen books to choose from.

Exception: for wedding receptions only, we provide floor length, round white tablecloths at no additional charge.

Vendor Meals

Please contact your vendors (DJ, Band, Photographer, Videographer, etc.) regarding their meal/break policy. Please inform your event coordinator of their meal/break requirements and seating arrangements at the time you finalize your event details.

Vendor Set-up

In general the room will be ready to receive centerpieces, special plants, cakes, musicians or disc jockeys approximately one hour ahead of the start time of your event. Please let us know if this is not sufficient. Providing the room is available for an early set up, there will be a charge associated with early access or set-up of the room. Service providers should be aware that the loading dock doors may be locked, in which case they will need to request access at the facility’s information desk. We also recommend you instruct your vendors to contact your event coordinator to confirm timelines and for additional information.

Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Dinner Reception

When the Ballroom is reserved with the intent to use for both the wedding ceremony and the dinner reception, the following will be applied-this typically applies only to the Michigan League ballroom:

  • Pipe and drape must be rented for the ceremony. The fee for this service is approximately $400.00.
  • There is a 1-1/2 hour minimum time frame when our staff will change the Ballroom from a ceremony set-up to a dinner reception set-up. A $200.00 room turn fee will be applied for the additional labor it takes to accomplish this task.
  • You will need to rent additional rooms to appropriately accommodate your guests for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while our staff is resetting the Ballroom for your dinner.

Wedding Cake and Favors

The wedding cake and favors are the only foods that may be supplied by an outside source. There is a 50 cent per person fee for cake-cutting service fee; 25 cent per person service fee for cupcake service. These service fees include plates, forks and clean-up.

If you are offering favors or menu cards that need to be placed at each table setting, our staff will happily place them for you. Please have these preassembled items delivered to our office three days before your event, along with alphabetized place cards.

Wedding Rehearsals

If you have your wedding ceremony scheduled with us, we will make every effort to accommodate your rehearsal. Unfortunately, we will not be able to confirm your rehearsal until one week prior to your event. We therefore strongly recommend that you have an alternate plan in case space is unavailable.

UM Department

Scheduling Policies

To confirm all services including facilities, catering and audio/visual services, University departments must provide the appropriate short code.

University departments may schedule events up to two years in advance.

Cancellation Policy

If a University department fails to cancel a room reservation at least 14 days prior to their event (90 days for Secondary rooms and 180 days Primary rooms), the group shall be assessed the current room rental fee as well as any costs incurred by the facility.

Changes to event date within the cancellation deadline will result in a cancellation fee. Changes to event venue within the cancellation deadline will be assessed the greater room rental rate.

Commercial Users

Scheduling Policies

The entire University of Michigan campus is SMOKE FREE.

Commercial groups may schedule 18 months in advance.

All groups wishing to claim a tax exemption must provide appropriate documentation prior to the event date.

Events hosted by commercial users with an expected attendance of 125 or more that are serving alcohol and end after midnight, must provide to the University a certificate of insurance evidencing general liability insurance ($1 million per occurrence/$2 million annual aggregate) and naming the Regents of the University of Michigan as additional insured. Renters must give the University thirty (30) days prior written notice of any reduction in limits or cancellation of insurance.

Payment Schedule:

Commercial events may require a minimum food and beverage expenditure (tax and gratuity not included) based on venue, day of week and time of day. Please see an Event Service Representative for specifics. Six months prior to the event, if a food and beverage minimum is applied, a payment of 50% of the food and beverage minimum is due.

Six days prior to the event, funds to adequately cover the balance of all charges including catering and audio/visual services must be paid in the form of:

Payments may be made in the form of:

  • a check or money order payable to “the Regents of the University of Michigan” or
  • a Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover credit card payment (via Nelnet)

When possible, all refunds will be distributed in the same form as payment method after accounting is complete.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for primary rooms are non-refundable. Secondary room cancellations must be received with 180 days’ notice for refunds. Standard rooms cancellations must be received with 90 days’ notice for refunds.

Changes to event date within the cancellation deadline will result in a cancellation fee. Changes to event venue within the cancellation deadline will be assessed the greater room rental rate.

Other Policies

Sales, Solicitations and Promotions

All sales and solicitations must be approved by University Unions. During the academic year only sales co-sponsored by the Center for Campus Involvement, other University departments or sponsored student organization or will be considered. All advertising for sales sponsored by departments or student organizations must prominently display the name of the sponsoring organization or department.

Student organizations and University departments may schedule lobby space under the following conditions:

  • The sale of any product or service offered as a fundraiser must be directly provided by the department or student organization. No sponsorship of commercial groups or solicitors is permitted. The sale of food as well as the sale or promotion of cellular devices and credit cards are specifically prohibited.
  • Lobby tables must be staffed by U of M students from the student organization or department staff with University identification.
  • Approaching passersby or other active solicitation is strictly forbidden.
  • Lobby users must remain behind their table.
  • Event Services must approve goods and services that are to be sold or distributed from lobby space. No product or service may be sold or distributed which duplicates or is similar to those sold by any on-site University Unions business operation.
  • The use of sound amplification equipment is not permitted.
  • Lobby spaces are limited to one (6-8’) table with two chairs.

Gaming Events

For all gaming events, the group hosting the event must take full responsibility for gaming coordination, the license application procedure and qualification materials, any equipment vendors involved and enforcing all applicable state laws and directives. Additionally, all advertising must be pre-approved by University Unions prior to distribution.

Bingo and Casino Events

If the event is charging an admission fee or prizes are awarded to competitors based on their performance, a state license must be secured from the Charitable Gaming Division of the Michigan State Lottery. Most “Casino Night” type events will require a “Millionaire Party” license. Only those groups which are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations are eligible. Allow a minimum of six weeks for the qualification process. If the license is not received by the event date, all admission charges will need to be refunded to participants. For additional guidelines, including the application and procedures, please visit the Michigan Charitable Gaming Division website http://www.michigan.gov/cg.

Card Tournaments

All card games are considered gambling under state law and require a casino-type license if prizes of financial value are awarded or admission charges are involved.


Any prize awarded by chance, if entrants must pay an entry fee, participate in some event, or be present to win, are raffles which require a state license.

Other Games of Skill

It is acceptable to award prizes without the need for a state license for other types of “games of skill” (ex. trivia, chess, billiards).