Last updated August 8, 2018

There are special policies in effect for events occurring Fall and Winter semesters between September 4, 2018 to December 20, 2019. Review them before you book your room.



a reservation for a space


any group or user that is not a University department or voluntary or sponsored student organization.


Michigan Union:

Study Lounge, Michigan Union Grill, Tap Room, Ground Floor Mall, and Willis Ward Lounge.

Michigan League:

Beansters, Underground

Pierpont Commons:

Piano Lounge, Leonardos and the Commons Corner (Rec Space).


League Ballroom, Rogel Ballroom, Fireside Cafe


Pendleton, Vandenberg, Hussey, Concourse


All meeting rooms with the exception of primary and secondary rooms


The set-up where furniture of room is stationary.


a University recognized voluntary (VSO) or sponsored student organization (SSO). Non-affiliated student organizations (NSO’s) are considered as commercial users for the purpose of this policy.


Michigan League, Michigan Union and Pierpont Commons

General Policies

Groups are not permitted to bring their own food or beverage into University Unions facilities. This includes sealed bottles of alcohol intended for gifts, auction items or off-site consumption. All catering in University Unions facilities is provided exclusively by Michigan Catering. Pickup orders can be accommodated by in-house retail vendors.

University Unions is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property belonging to users of the facilities.

No use of candles, adhesives, glitter, sand weights, confetti, confetti cannons, rice, dance wax, powder or similar materials is permitted.

Decorations and/or displays must not compromise public safety or increase the risk of property damage.

  • Stay within posted fire capacities.
  • Maintain access to fire exits.
  • No candles or special effects equipment such as smoke, fog and fire machines, sparklers, etc. are permitted.

The group scheduling University Unions facilities is financially responsible for any special clean-up or damages resulting from the event or the activity.

Due to the nature of our facilities and proximity to other events, noise levels must be minimized.

A room may be put on tentative hold for up to one week pending no other requests. In the event of a competing request, the group tentatively holding the room must either confirm or release the room.

Although we endeavor to honor all room reservations as made, University Unions reserves the right to change rooms at any time to maximize usage for the University community.

Student Organizations

Scheduling Policies

Student organization reservations must be made by an authorized signer. To confirm facilities, student organizations must have an active SOAS account with adequate funds to cover the rental rate of the rooms. If the necessary funds are not deposited by the cancellation deadline for the rooms, the rooms will be released.

One week prior to the event date, funds adequate to cover the balance of all charges including catering and audio/visual services must be secured in the group’s SOAS account. If the necessary funds are not deposited, the event will be subject to cancellation.

If a group changes the set of a standard set room and does not return it to its original configuration, they will be assessed a $25.00 reset fee. Rooms without a standard set that are scheduled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be assessed a minimum $25.00 late-add fee.

Events hosted by VSO’s with an expected attendance of 125 or more that are serving alcohol and end after midnight, must provide to the University a certificate of insurance evidencing general liability insurance ($1 million per occurrence/$2 million annual aggregate) and naming the Regents of the University of Michigan as additional insured. Renters must give the University thirty (30) days prior written notice of any reduction in limits or cancellation of insurance.

These booking rules apply to all events except those during Fall & Winter semesters 9/4/18 – 12/20/19:For events with no revenue or associated fees, one meeting room per day, per building, for a maximum of five hours, is available to student organizations at no charge. All additional rooms will be charged the Category B rate. For events with revenue or associated fees, please see the rate schedule.

Student organizations may schedule 12 events for each semester of the academic year. Provided rooms are available, student organizations may book additional rooms as long as they do not exceed 12 active reservations within the semester at any given time. Events may be scheduled up to 18 months in advance.

In an effort to maximize usage during the Union renovation, these booking rules apply to all during Fall and Winter semesters between 9/4/18 – 12/20/19.

Between Pierpont Commons and the Michigan League, each registered student organization may schedule:

  • Up to 30 hours per semester in free meeting rooms (min. 1 hr. event)
  • Up to 50 hours per semester in charged meeting rooms (min. 2 hr. event)

If space is available, additional meetings can be scheduled:

  • within 30 days of the event date at the Michigan League
  • within 60 days of the event date at Pierpont Commons

Exception requests must be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to desired event date to uueventservices@umich.edu.
[Associate Director Conference & Event Services & UU Building Director will review requests]

Cancellation Policy & No Show Policy

If a student organization fails to cancel a room reservation at least 7 days prior to their event (90 days for Primary and Secondary rooms), they will be charged the applicable room rate. If the group does not show up for a scheduled event, the group shall be assessed the category A rate minimum in addition to the applicable room rate.

Changes to event date within the cancellation deadline will result in a cancellation fee. Changes to event venue within the cancellation deadline will be assessed the greater room rental rate.


If a student organization violates any part of this policy, they may be sanctioned up to and including loss of scheduling privileges

Dance Party Events


An event is considered to be a dance/party if it includes all of the following:

  • The use of music (i.e. DJ, band, Ipod, computer) and an open area for active, non-seated attendees.
  • Expected attendance of more than 125, with at least 2/3 of the attendees being U-M students.
  • Scheduled ending time for the event is later than 11:00 p.m.


Dance/Party events may be held on Fridays and Saturdays during fall and winter semesters with the following exceptions:

  • Study or Exam days.
  • Home football game weekends unless specifically approved by the facility management in consultation with DPS.

For full dance party policy, view the Dance Party Policies Document

Date Auctions

Date auctions may only occur under the following conditions:

  • A pre-event meeting with the host facility, in consultation with the Dance/Party Program Advisor must be scheduled by the student organization event coordinator a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.
  • Advertising must be pre-approved by University Unions prior to distribution
  • The auction must be for a specific item, event or lawful activity with a specific individual

Charity Drives

University Unions does not allow money collections and will not assume liability for items stolen from drop boxes. Use of the drop sites is subject to the following requirements:

  • Drop boxes must be neat in appearance with their function and the sponsoring organization clearly stated.
  • Pick-ups occur regularly so as to minimize theft and prevent overflow.
  • Charity Drives may last a maximum of two weeks.

Other Policies

Sales, Solicitations and Promotions

All sales and solicitations must be approved by University Unions. During the academic year only sales co-sponsored by the Center for Campus Involvement, other University departments or sponsored student organization or will be considered. All advertising for sales sponsored by departments or student organizations must prominently display the name of the sponsoring organization or department.

Student organizations and University departments may schedule lobby space under the following conditions:

  • The sale of any product or service offered as a fundraiser must be directly provided by the department or student organization. No sponsorship of commercial groups or solicitors is permitted. The sale of food as well as the sale or promotion of cellular devices and credit cards are specifically prohibited.
  • Lobby tables must be staffed by U of M students from the student organization or department staff with University identification.
  • Approaching passersby or other active solicitation is strictly forbidden.
  • Lobby users must remain behind their table.
  • Event Services must approve goods and services that are to be sold or distributed from lobby space. No product or service may be sold or distributed which duplicates or is similar to those sold by any on-site University Unions business operation.
  • The use of sound amplification equipment is not permitted.
  • Lobby spaces are limited to one (6-8’) table with two chairs.

Gaming Events

For all gaming events, the group hosting the event must take full responsibility for gaming coordination, the license application procedure and qualification materials, any equipment vendors involved and enforcing all applicable state laws and directives. Additionally, all advertising must be pre-approved by University Unions prior to distribution.

Bingo and Casino Events

If the event is charging an admission fee or prizes are awarded to competitors based on their performance, a state license must be secured from the Charitable Gaming Division of the Michigan State Lottery. Most “Casino Night” type events will require a “Millionaire Party” license. Only those groups which are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations are eligible. Allow a minimum of six weeks for the qualification process. If the license is not received by the event date, all admission charges will need to be refunded to participants. For additional guidelines, including the application and procedures, please visit the Michigan Charitable Gaming Division website http://www.michigan.gov/cg.

Card Tournaments

All card games are considered gambling under state law and require a casino-type license if prizes of financial value are awarded or admission charges are involved.


Any prize awarded by chance, if entrants must pay an entry fee, participate in some event, or be present to win, are raffles which require a state license.

Other Games of Skill

It is acceptable to award prizes without the need for a state license for other types of “games of skill” (ex. trivia, chess, billiards).