Michigan Union Reservations

Conference & Event Services is now accepting reservations for the Michigan Union for events occurring May 4, 2020 and up to two years in the future of today’s date.  It is anticipated that reservations for part of Winter semester 2020 will be accepted starting in April 2019. A future communication will be sent when Winter semester 2020 reservations are being accepted.

Here are some things to know about the Michigan Union’s renovation in regards to event space, pricing, and policy:

  • Some meeting spaces have changed and we have new spaces available. Our team is here to help you determine the most appropriate rooms for your functions and walk you through the changes.
  • Minimum room reservations are being reduced from 5 hours to 3 hours in order to better accommodate space needs for all groups.  This may result in a cost savings for groups.
  • Based on user feedback and so that we can best serve our clients, for new reservations occurring May 4, 2020 and beyond, we are implementing an all-inclusive rate for. University Unions spaces that have built-in audio-visual (whether the equipment is utilized or not).  For any space reserved you will receive a detailed summary of charges.
  • We are currently developing use policies for the beautifully renovated Willis Ward Lounge, new South Lounge, new Deliberation Room and Courtyard spaces.  Due to this we are not accepting reservations for these spaces at this time.

Specific to student organizations:

  • During the Michigan Union closure we implemented a 30 hours/free rooms and 50 hours/charged rooms maximum scheduling per semester.  This policy will become permanent as it has been well received by student organizations and greatly allowed more student organizations to access space.

Ready to make a reservation in the beautifully renovated Michigan Union? Give us a call at (734) 764-2000, email conferences@umich.edu, or submit an inquiry